Running A 10k For Anxiety UK


That saying is kind of becoming my motto…positive vibes.

As you can tell by the title of this post, i am running a 10K for a charity here in the UK called Anxiety UK, they do a lot of amazing things to help people who suffer from Anxiety, and they even help peoples families who are effected by Anxiety.

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Slipping Back Into Bad Habits & Beautiful Brown Smokey Eyes

“It’s so easy to forget how far you’ve come and its so easy to go back to where you were before.”

The hardest part for me with weight loss is ensuring i don’t slip up too often. Occasionally i’ll let this one day pass where i had a few too many treats, i know we’ve all been there, but after every “bad” day a line needs to be drawn under it and you have to start fresh. Its not easy changing your lifestyle after so many years of bad habits, its really not. Its not a process that can magically happen overnight, and I’m kind of glad its not that easy.
Whenever i’m feeling like I’m slipping back into how i was before, i have some tips and tricks i like to do:

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Losing 45lb’s & Becoming Vegetarian

“I have to take a step back & focus on what was really important, and blogging isn’t important to me right now.”

That was my thought 6 months ago when i decided to give it a rest for a while, and I’m so glad i did, because now I’m more focused, and I’m ready to dive into new things. So as y0u can probably tell by the title, this is not beauty related as such, but i feel like i can’t just come back into blogging without really explaining where i’ve been.

Lets rewind back to 7 months ago… 2nd February 2016
Whys that date important? Well, you could say thats the day everything changed for me, or should i say, i decided to make a change. I’d had enough of being that overweight girl, i’d had enough of going into shops and not being able to pick out the clothes i wanted to wear because they wouldn’t look good on me, i’d had enough of feeling so insecure about the way i looked. I walked through those doors of my local church and sat down at a Slimming World meeting and thats the day it ALL changed. In the last 7 months i have lost 45lb’s (3stone2lbs) and i’ve gone from a size 22 to a size 14. Now I’m not going to go into detail on this post about the ins and outs of slimming world because that would take far too long, i’ll just show you…

(Thats me on the left in New York January 2016)

(Me in New York July 2015)

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Quick & Easy Curly Hair

I’ve always thought of hair as being the second most important part of getting ready, make up being the first of course, and as of recently i’ve really been wanting to try something different. I cleaned my room out a few weeks back (i know, what a shocker) and i found my old curling wand, and i thought to myself, why don’t i ever curl my hair. Yes my hair is naturally curly, but only on good days, most days its a big birds nest, but lets not get into that haha. So with my great discovery i decided i would change things up and try something new.

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Spring Has Sprung

Does anyone else hate the dark winter nights? I’ve just never been the type to enjoy those nights. I much prefer sunny evenings when the sun doesn’t set until 9pm, the days are longer and i feel like it lifts a lot of peoples spirits, and I’m all about lifting spirits.
So here i am, back again with some spring inspired makeup, something a little different than i usually would do, but i feel its time i broadened my horizons.


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5 Ways To Switch Up Your Everyday Look

If you’re anything like me, then you wear makeup almost everyday, and its easy to get into a routine of how your makeup is applied and how it looks. Recently i’ve been trying small subtle ways to change things up to keep my look interesting, and they’ve worked for me, so hopefully they work for you too! I’ll be giving 5 different ways to change up your everyday look, but of course, not everyone will like my ideas, so even if you only like one idea, go for it girl!

This will be quite an informative and chatty blog post, so get ready for a lot of words haha! Lets begin..

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